CS Initiatives

Our CS Aspirations

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A CS working group was set up within the company in order to identify what our customers expect in terms of facilities and services at Haneda Airport’s international terminal, which is Japan’s main gateway to the skies; how we can respond to those expectations and offer services and hospitality that satisfy our customers; and what type of “awareness” is required to provide such high-quality services and hospitality; and then to summarize these ideas into TIAT’s CS philosophy.

In compiling this CS philosophy, we felt that it was necessary to make it something that all the staff working in the terminal could relate to and share. It would also have to be expressed in words that were easy to understand and inspiring for each employee to rely on and look to for emotional support.

We believe that as these words filter through, nurturing a spirit of hospitality inside individual employees, a common directionality will manifest itself throughout the terminal. Only then can we provide wholehearted services that can truly satisfy our customers.

This aspiration is our starting point in creating a terminal that is pleasant and comfortable for all our customers.

CS Philosophy

This CS philosophy is shared throughout the international terminal and is sought to be attained by staff who undertake their duties with the awareness that they are all concierges.

CS Basic Policies

We will consistently offer our customers sincere, personalized hospitality. We will remain appreciative of our colleagues and maintain our efforts to achieve mutual advancement and growth.We will always remain aware of our position as a representative for the terminal and will seek to ensure that Haneda is cherished by all our users.

CS (Customer Satisfaction), ES (Employee Satisfaction), SS (Stake-holder Satisfaction)
We will constantly pursue satisfaction in all these areas.

CS(Satisfaction of customers using the terminal.)ES(Satisfaction of colleagues working in the terminal and other persons concerned.)SS(Satisfaction of people in the local community and business partners etc.)

CS Slogan

Making Haneda more convenient, friendly and attractive.

Our CS Slogan does not stop at merely offering standard service. Rather, it expresses our commitment to providing high-quality service beyond our customers' expectations.

Diversity is of paramount importance to Haneda.Just as the Japanese language is made up of diverse elements, so is our society and our customer base. To satisfy the needs of this diverse customer base, we must offer an equally diverse range of advantages: greater convenience, friendliness and attraction. Each of these makes up the core of customer satisfaction at the international terminal at Haneda.

This represents our desire to offer services tailored to the needs of individual customers.

CS Awareness

With kindness and gratitude

Our CS initiatives are implemented with the goal, not of "making" our customers satisfied , but of leaving them "feeling" satisfied .
Actions for achieving this begin with awareness.

CS Pledge of Action

I will give first priority to everyone's safety in my actions.I will greet people politely and with sincerity.I will listen humbly to customer views and respond wholeheartedly.I will assume responsibility for my personal appearance, manner of speech and conduct.I will carry out my work in a way that my colleagues would appreciate.I will trust my colleagues and work as a team. I will learn and grow in experience from my daily duties along with my colleagues.I will create an environment that is safe and comfortable for everyone.
 Action relating to "safety"  Actions relating to "CS"
 Actions relating to "ES"  Action relating to "terminal environment"

This pledge of action will be used on a daily basis as a guideline to help employees as well as groups and organizations working in the terminal to think about how they should act on their own accord.

CS Improvement

We will carry out various CS improvements based on our CS philosophy.

A diverse range of CS surveys will be conducted to improve operations.

In order to accurately identify the level of satisfaction among our customers, we will collect comments and requests on a daily basis, conduct questionnaires and systematically carry out various other types of surveys. Survey results obtained will be used to improve terminal facilities and services.

Survey results will be disclosed to enhance CS throughout Haneda Airport.

The results of each CS survey will be released on this page as they become available. Furthermore, a CS Committee and Haneda Airport International Area Passenger CS Liaison Committee will be set up to share information with various companies, groups and organizations within the airport and to make an airport-wide effort to improve CS.

We will endeavor to raise awareness of our CS philosophy among each of our staff.

The TIAT CS POCKET GUIDE, which provides a summary of our CS philosophy, will be distributed to all employees working at the international terminal so that they can extend hospitality to our customers with the awareness that they are all “concierges”. TIAT staff will also provide CS education after the terminal opens to instill our CS philosophy in the airport staff.

CS Initiatives

Our CS Aspirations

CS Philosophy

CS Improvement


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