Portraits of Haneda Airport

The experience-based portrait that is made from the process of taking pictures of amazing services and facilities during looking around in the terminal.

* It will be played on youtube.

Portraits of Haneda Airport(full version) 12:37

Portraits of Haneda Airport(short version) 6:17

Tokyo International Airport Terminal Introduction Movie

Terminal concepts and concrete actions can be viewed with movies (with subtitles).

* It will be played on youtube.

TIAT providing a bridge between japan and the world 9:56

You can see it for each chapter

  1. opening 0:31

  2. Airport situation in Japan 1:29

  3. Operating system of TIAT 1:12

  4. Terminal Concept 0:58

  5. commercial facility 2:49

  6. Universal design and eco airport 2:30

  7. ending 0:31

Eco Airport Movie

You can see the eco-related efforts of Tokyo International Airport Terminal.

From Haneda,Environmental Measures for the Future

  1. Make energy efficiently 5:10

  2. Use energy effectively 5:18