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This website (hereafter "this site") is operated by Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation.


Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation holds the copyright for the content of this site. The information on this site cannot be transcribed, reproduced or distributed for any reason without the consent of Tokyo International Air Terminal except in accordance with copyright law.


While efforts are made to keep information on this site accurate, Tokyo International Air Terminal shall not be liable for damages or losses arising out of the use of this site. Also, please note that the content of this site may be changed without prior notice.

Linking to TIAT

  • Linking to this site

Except for commercial uses, there are no restrictions on linking to sites managed by Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation.
The following types of links are prohibited.

(1) Links from sites that include content that could slander or defame Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation.

(2) Links from sites that include content that is against public order and morals.
Links from sites that include content that is illegal or is being used for activities that are illegal or may be illegal.

(3) Links from sites that use frames or other methods that make it unclear that the content belongs to TIAT.

(4) Links from sites that Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation determines to be inappropriate.

Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation bears no responsibility for the content of any sites linked to this site. The content of other sites is entirely the responsibility of their administrators.

Using this site

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This site is produced so that it can be viewed with older browsers, but it is best to view it with the newest browser available.


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  • About plugins

It is necessary to install a plugin to view some parts of this site. A plugin is a program that provides a function that is not standard for the browser.

【Adobe Reader】

For viewing and printing content that is provided in PDF files.


To view PDF files, click on the Acrobat banner to download Adobe Reader (free of charge) from Adobe.

  • About JavaScript

This site uses JavaScript to make it easier for our clients to use. The site has been produced to be accessible even in environments that do not support JavaScript. However, we recommend enabling JavaScript when using this site.

  • About the size of text

This site does not use a fixed text size. The size of the text can be increased to make it easier to read or reduced to show a lot of information on a small screen.

Methods for changing text size for recommended browsers are shown below


  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer
    Browser menu "View" -> "Text size" -> "Largest", "Larger", "Medium", "Smaller", "Smallest"
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    Browser menu "View" -> "Text size" -> "Increase", "Decrease"


  • For Safari Browser menu "View" -> "Make Text Bigger" or "Make Text Smaller"

If you are using a different browser you can find the method to change the text size in the help file of the browser.

Site accessibility

This site uses the most recent varieties of Web display technology and methods to make it viewable to as many people as possible to maintain accessibility and improve usability in accordance with WCAG 1.0 in the W3C guidelines according to JIS standards (JIS X 8341-3) for Web accessibility.