Business Concept

1. In order to achieve this concept, we adopted the following nine policies during the facility planning stages for the purpose of creating a comfortable city airport that blends scenery, space and facilities in a manner that is suitable for a metropolitan gateway to the skies.

Facility planning

The formulation of characteristic scenery, landscaping and space concepts.
Easy-to-follow zoning and passenger guidance planning.


Comfortable passenger services that cater to the requirements of all passengers.
The planning of attractive commercial facilities.
On-site road network and multi-storey car park that blends well with the scenery.

Universal design, terminal environment, etc.

The pursuance of universal designs.
The creation of an eco-airport that is both ecology-minded and user-friendly.
The adoption of complete safety measures and anti-disaster policies.

2. The administrative planning stage included the establishment of administration policies that are suitable for a comfortable city airport and that integrate the administrative experience of terminal operators and the viewpoints of air cargo transporters.