Privacy protection

Personal information is handled as follows.

Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation (hereinafter TIAT) is fully aware of society's needs for the protection of personal information and considers the promotion of the protection of personal information as a very important social responsibility.

In line with these responsibilities, TIAT is applying the following basic policy to protect personal information.

  1. (1)TIAT is in full compliance with the laws and guidelines relating to the protection of personal information in its handling of personal information.
  2. (2)TIAT clearly specifies the uses of personal information and properly handles all personal information within the limits necessary to those uses. Personal information is also kept accurate and up-to-date.
  3. (3)To properly manage personal information, TIAT has established a network of responsibility which includes dispatching personnel to take responsibility for the protection of personal information.
  4. (4)TIAT provides suitable training and oversight necessary for the personnel that have the responsibility for handling personal information. Also, when contracting with third parties for the handling of personal information, TIAT requires secrecy agreements for the proper management and oversight by the third parties.
  5. (5)To assure the protection and security of personal information, TIAT has established measures necessary for safe management according to various standards and guidelines.
  6. (6)TIAT is continuously improving management systems, security control measures and other necessary measures to promote the protection of personal information.

Information provided to TIAT by clients is used when necessary to improve services and operations that are required to respond to the client's orders and requests.
Names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and other information received from clients placing orders or making requests
Personal information contained in the orders and requests received from customers
TIAT does not provide information to third parties without the consent of the client. Except in the following situations.

  1. (1)When sanctioned by the law
  2. (2)When contracting with third parties as necessary for TIAT business operations (In these cases, necessary and proper oversight of the contracted third party is carried out to maintain secure control of the consigned personal information.)

TIAT also recognizes that the importance of thoroughly protecting information regarding legal entities and other groups is equal to that of protecting personal information. TIAT handles this information in the same careful way as personal information.