TIAT SKY HALL (Multipurpose Hall)


With different possible layouts incorporating the permanent unit stage and a 330-inch screen, as well as state-of-the-art sound and lightning systems, TIAT SKY HALL enables space to transform based on the purpose of use, such as music events, film screening, press conferences and seminars. Being directly connected to the airport, it also has the highest level of capacity. From events for a seated audience (246 capacity) to standing room-only (400 capacity), events for a variety of different purposes can be held.

Design Concept

Space for presenting Japan's traditions,
culture and creativity and where diverse cultures and people interact.

Solid space impressing with stateliness, composed of granite stone (Matrix Gold) and stainless steel

Combining both colors and tranquility, a space that arises expectations as it brings people and cultures together.

Design Motifs

A variety of motifs makes up the design concept.
Embedded in the motifs are acoustic features required by the hall.

The design combines both style and functionality. The features' motifs that incorporate sound-reflecting
panels to reflect the sound from the stage to the audience,
spreading the sound evenly and measures to prevent acoustic problems like flutter echo.

Variety of Events

TIAT SKY HALL can be used in many different ways with our height-adjustable unit stage, a 330 inch screen, as well as our state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems.
From music events to theater performances, talk shows, press conferences, film screenings, seminars, and banquets, the layout of the hall is highly changeable to meet your event needs.

Time and Location

TIAT SKY HALL is located on the 4th floor of Tokyo International Air Terminal and open 24 hours.
Advance reservation is required.