CS Slogan

A diverse range of CS surveys will be conducted to improve operations.

In order to accurately identify the level of satisfaction among our customers, we will collect comments and requests on a daily basis, conduct questionnaires and systematically carry out various other types of surveys. Survey results obtained will be used to improve terminal facilities and services.

Survey results will be disclosed to enhance CS throughout Haneda Airport.

The results of each CS survey will be released on this page as they become available. Furthermore, a CS Committee and Haneda Airport International Area Passenger CS Liaison Committee will be set up to share information with various companies, groups and organizations within the airport and to make an airport-wide effort to improve CS.

We will endeavor to raise awareness of our CS philosophy among each of our staff.

The TIAT CS POCKET GUIDE, which provides a summary of our CS philosophy, will be distributed to all employees working at the international terminal so that they can extend hospitality to our customers with the awareness that they are all “concierges”. TIAT staff will also provide CS education after the terminal opens to instill our CS philosophy in the airport staff.