Heart of Hospitality

A CS working group was set up within the company in order to identify what our customers expect in terms of facilities and services at Haneda Airport’s international terminal, which is Japan’s main gateway to the skies; how we can respond to those expectations and offer services and hospitality that satisfy our customers; and what type of “awareness” is required to provide such high-quality services and hospitality; and then to summarize these ideas into TIAT’s CS philosophy.

In compiling this CS philosophy, we felt that it was necessary to make it something that all the staff working in the terminal could relate to and share. It would also have to be expressed in words that were easy to understand and inspiring for each employee to rely on and look to for emotional support.

We believe that as these words filter through, nurturing a spirit of hospitality inside individual employees, a common directionality will manifest itself throughout the terminal. Only then can we provide wholehearted services that can truly satisfy our customers.

This aspiration is our starting point in creating a terminal that is pleasant and comfortable for all our customers.