Enjoy a cafe experience like no other in our Starry Cafe.
Relax under 40 million shimmering stars and Haneda Airport’s original screening program.

A GOTO INC manufactured hybrid planetarium systems has been installed for Starry Cafe. The Compact fixes star sphere "PANDORA" uses compact high performance LEDs to project approximately 40 million fixes stars from body that has a diameter of just 50 centimeters. This system allows for the natural and beautiful reproduction of even some of the dimglimmers which make up the Milky Way.
In addition, the PANDORA hybrid which combines the VIRTUARIUMⅡ fulldone digital projection system allows for customers to enjoy explanations of the night sky which utilize images of constellations, CG and other technologies, as beautiful images of space.

Only cafe is open during 7:00~11:00

Entrance fee:
Adults (Age 13 and above) 520Yen
Children(Age 2 and above)310Yen

※Food and beverages not included.
※Click the link below for screening and
schedule information.

Tokyo International Airport Terminal’s official mascot

Starry is bright and hardworking.
Loves coffee, Kabuki, and wants to be a ninja.