Corporate Philosophy

Basic Philosophy

Behavioral guidelines

Ensuring safety
We promise to ensure full safety so that all our customers can use the airport in comfort and to strive to create reliable terminal facilities.

Customer-oriented initiatives
We will offer innovative facilities and services from the customers' perspective, always keeping the needs of our customers in mind.

We will maintain high standards of ethics and sound judgment, abide by legal and social rules, and conduct fair and transparent business operations.

Ensuring stable business feasibility
We will perform efficient management retaining clear responsibility and authority, striving toward long-term management stability.

Staff training
We will foster the right staff for an international terminal and create an environment in which employees at the airport can work together in mutual respect with a sense of pride and satisfaction in the work they do.

Environmental commitments
We will drive forward with comprehensive measures to reduce the environmental impact with the objective of creating an eco-airport that is friendly to the planet and to the people.

Community contributions
Through our business activities, we will actively contribute to the revitalization and sustainable development of the community.

Company Logo

Symbolic representation of the initial letter T in TIAT, TOKYO and TERMINAL.

The logo design is based on the image of the terminal roof, which is an architectural feature of the terminal, soaring up into the sky filled with "billowing clouds" supported by the terminal structure below as well as the power of the people who work there. The logo also combines the image of flight paths connecting various airports to boldly and yet subtly depict the international terminal which has come into existence as a new gateway for the 21st century.